Day 29: Happy 4th!

My advice to staying committed while everyone around you gets hammered on the 4th of July: sip on festive seltzer infused with blueberries and strawberries, make killer potato salad (may I suggest this one or this one?) and light off some fireworks. Just don’t aim them at your face, or anyone, for that matter.

I worked today and got time and a half—woo-hoo! However, the evening was tough because the end is SO VERY nigh, and it’s simply fun to celebrate with a boozy beverage in hand. I realized that even more than food or wine, it’s that freedom to do what I want, when I want that I miss the most. That said, my friends were supportive—”you can’t have one now, you’re so close!”—and I stuck with seltzer. I suggest you do the same.

Happy Independence Day!

Coffee with compliant almond milk
1 scrambled egg with hot sauce
1 banana

1 hard-boiled egg
Handful pistachios

Leftover Chicken Kampana over roasted broccoli
1/2 c blackberries

Italian sausage with mustard, chicken drumstick,
cucumber salad and lots of potato salad
1/2 c blueberries

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